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Wedding Rings and How It Binds Marriages
Weddings are a gateway to a different phase in someone’s life. Actually, it is one of the biggest milestone someone could have with somebody else that they love and they are ready to vow to love for the rest of their lives. One thing or one material thing is so special to symbolize this kind of relationship and this kind of infinite binding of two people as one for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, through sickness and in health, and towards the journey to forever are wedding rings. These wedding ring sets might be so expensive nowadays however, the main essence of it is what we pay for and not really the material nor giving a wedding ring is not really dependent solely on the price but on how sentimental it is for you and for your partner.

A Symbolism of a Past Well Lived
A ring is a symbolism of the past where the past contains memories, sacrifices, and even the problems overcame by both lovers, overtime. It is a symbolism of a love that has thrived to prove that they are worthy for a day of celebrating love and opening a life anew together under the name of marriage and matrimony. A ring binds them together although out all of those and acts as a symbolism of unity and love that shall last a lifetime or more than that.


A symbolism of an Infinity
A wedding ring is round because it has no end. Choosing the design of your wedding ring set will already depend to you and your partner. Although the wedding ring is a symbolism of an infinity because it is round some designs or engravings in the ring can also act like a handwritten letter or message that tells a story to both of you. Wedding rings are also as complicated and as special as a whole relationship.

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